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When you smile on a freezing cold day and you get tooth pain in Flagstaff, AZ, it might not be serious. Not every occasion of sensitivity to hot or cold food is a sign that a Delta Dental therapeutic services professional is necessary. You could be grinding your teeth, exposing dentin, which will react to hot or cold substances, even air. Some physical illnesses like heart trouble can cause dental symptoms that look like you should have a root canal. Preventive services will keep most of these pains from occurring. However, teeth pain could be a sign of a serious problem so you should always listen to your teeth.

We can help. We are a 24 hour Flagstaff, AZ site whose sole function is matching you up with Spanish speaking dentists open Friday, open Saturday and open Sunday. Call the toll-free number and answer a few simple questions. We will then get you a dentist who accepts all dental insurance including Humana and Liberty Dental when you need walk-in or urgent care. Our fast and helpful personnel se hable espanol and will find you the best dentist in your area. We are nationwide. Worried about payment? Don’t be. Our dentists take all dental insurance as well as accepting cash, checks, debit and credit cards. They offer financing and other payment options for those with no insurance. On a budget? We’ll find you tooth pain treatment in Flagstaff, AZ at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to ask about cash discounts when you’re discussing payment plans.

Of course tooth root pain means the root must be taken care of, but what about a sharp pain when biting into food? It could be as simple as tooth decay or a cavity. Pressure, severe pain and swelling would leave you convinced you have an abscessed tooth, but a screening and general care might reveal a sinus infection. The teeth roots and the floor of the sinus cavity share the same nerves, so anyone could be confused by the pain. Gingivitis or receding gums can cause a toothache but only regular check-ups can tell you if the tooth pain in Flagstaff, AZ is due to that or to food trapped under teeth. Our dentists open early or even open late in Flagstaff, AZ will work out dental financing with you if you don’t have Tricare Dental or Blue Cross Blue Shield for caps, crowns or other cosmetic services due to sensitivity from many causes.

You might call the toll-free number 24/7 including holidays to be hooked up with a popular dentist with great reviews in Flagstaff, AZ if your toothache stems from a cracked tooth or a dislodged tooth. These circumstances admit bacteria into the pulp and roots underneath the tooth that can cause problems. At some point the bacteria will weaken the bone supporting the teeth causing you to lose your teeth all together. Call us for help getting tooth pain treatment in Flagstaff, AZ before the pain causes you to seek same day or after hours services. Our dentists are there for you and they accept all plans including Lincoln Financial and MetLife.

Sensitivity to touch is a sign meaning different things. It doesn’t have to be a broken tooth or worn out tooth fillings. Your sensitivity could stem from working out, for example. A high intensity interval training as part of a cardio workout will rattle your teeth. Trust us. If your teeth throb, see the dentist with which we match you up. You could be grinding your teeth while exercising. A knocked out tooth or a tooth extraction will sometimes cause a ghostly pain in tooth Flagstaff, AZ for which a dentist will be necessary. At times even poorly fitted dentures will cause what feels like tooth pain. A dentist will check this for you. Just call the toll-free number and we’ll set you up with a nearby dentist who takes First Dental Health, Guardian or your plan.

Dental pain isn’t always localized. Too much whitening or bleaching in Flagstaff, AZ will cause severe pain. If all your teeth hurt at the same time, your dentist might tell you it is due to demineralization of the teeth. Teeth pain due to wisdom teeth extraction or dental implants is common. Blood flow to the area being worked on will cause the teeth to hurt temporarily. Tell your dentist about the pain. Of course you’ll know when a wisdom tooth means a tooth extraction in Flagstaff, AZ because that pain is identifiable. Seek emergency services if your tooth pain lasts beyond removing stimulating conditions like warm or cold food or drink and ar. If it lasts more than a day or so, seek dental aid.

Preventive care, cleanings and regular visits to the dentist are all paid for by Aetna, Union and Cigna and will keep you from feeling these pains in the teeth. Just call the toll-free number to speak with one of our friendly and helpful Spanish speaking personnel and we’ll get started.