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Regular dental care should be a vital part of your health care regimen, regardless of your age. The fact that you have reached your senior citizen years and have retired from working does not mean that you should let your oral care lapse. In fact, your particular age demographic often faces unique dental needs that can best be met by dentist who specializes in senior dental care in Lexington, KY. If you unsure of where the nearest dental clinic for seniors in Lexington is located, you can call this free 24 hour dental referral service to get the names of providers who offer the best dental care for seniors in Lexington. This referral service is available to you anytime at no charge. You can access it 24/7, even on the weekends and on holidays.

Geriatric Services
As stated, people in your age group typically face unique dental needs that go beyond general care. In fact, you may need a dentist who can do a screening and determine what precise oral health issues you could be facing right now. In fact, dental procedures for seniors can provide the preventative services you need to keep your natural teeth and gum tissues, if you do not yet have dentures or dental implants. Going to regular check-ups and undergoing routine treatments like cleanings and tooth fillings can help you avoid developing more serious complications like denture-induced stomatitis and root decay later.

Regular dental care for seniors can also be vital in warding off gum disease and the complications that arise from it, such as thrush, sensitivity, and gingivitis. Even if you only suffer occasionally from dry mouth, darkened teeth, or diminished sense of taste, you can still benefit by establishing yourself as a patient with someone who specializes in senior dental care in Lexington, KY. Rather than wait for when you need emergency services like a tooth extraction for a broken tooth or partial implants for entire sections of missing teeth, you can call this service now and be connected with your local dental clinic for seniors in Lexington. Once you are established as a patient, you can undergo the best dental care for seniors in Lexington that will keep you healthy and productive for years to come.

Along with routine geriatric dental care, however, you may occasionally need therapeutic services that warrant treatments like specialty care. For example, if you develop an infection that you cannot get rid of with over-the-counter pain relievers or even prescription antibiotics, it may be time for you to talk to your provider about an urgent root canal. Likewise, if you have a tooth that constantly gives you a toothache, you could ask your provider about having it pulled or fitted with caps or crowns. In fact, your pain may stem from wisdom teeth that have not yet been removed. If you must undergo an extraction, you may be eligible to have partial dentures put in the areas where your natural teeth have been removed. You can call this service to find out what providers in your area offer same day dentures just in case you do have to go through such a procedure.

Of course, if you have spent a lifetime drinking coffee and soda, or even smoking and using tobacco, you could have stains on your teeth that warrant the cosmetic services of a dentist that specializes in geriatric care. Instead of living with stains on your enamel, you can undergo treatments like bleaching or whitening, depending on how severe the stains are. If you are unsure of whether or not these services are right for you, you can call this dental referral program and get more information about such care. You can also find out what providers in your city offer walk-in consultation appointments so that you can get information the same day or soon after you call the referral program.

Scheduling and Availability of Services
In fact, knowing that you can get in to see a provider soon after contacting this free referral service can be important if it has been awhile since you last visited with a dentist. However, if you are busy during your retirement or even work a part-time job, you may lack the availability throughout the normal work week when most appointments are made. With that, it would benefit you to ask the referral service for the names of providers who offer after hours time slots or are open late for your convenience.

Some dentists now offer weekend appointments to fit people’s busy schedules. If you would like a weekend appointment, you can ask the service to give you the contact details of offices that are open Friday afternoon and evening or open early on the weekend. Even if an office is only open Saturday until noon or open Sunday morning, you may still prefer these time slots than those offered during the work week.

Insurance and Payment Matters
With these reviews in hand, you can then move onto another pressing concern that most seniors have when it comes to seeking dental care. If you have no insurance, for example, it would benefit you to know what dentists in the area offer reasonable payment plans or have in-house dental financing. You can even ask about cash discounts when you contact the referral company. This information could allow you to budget for your next dental visit.

However, if you have a policy through one of the popular insurers today, such as MetLife, Tricare Dental, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, or Delta Dental, you may use this service to find an office that is in-network with your particular plan. You can avoid paying the highest costs out-of-pocket when you choose a provider who accepts these plans or those offered through Lincoln Financial, First Dental Health, Guardian, or Humana. However, if you prefer to see a dentist of your choice and remit payment to insurers like Union or Liberty Dental, you can ask the service to give you the amount that you would have to pay upfront if your chosen dentists is out-of-network with your plan.

This free dental referral service can help you find a dentist who matches your needs, even if you need Spanish-speaking dentists or providers who se habla espanol at least to a conversational level. This service is available around the clock at your convenience.